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Head Hunting

With there being such a shortage of qualified staff especially on higher levels, it has become essential to us to aggressively headhunt candidates for our clients as long as we are not already consulting to that particular company.

Recruitment Process

Find out specific requirements for the position.  (We like our consultants to go on site so they can see the culture, equipment, working environment and current employees.) Agree on fees and guarantees with client. We advertise and search our database.  Our aim is to provide at least 3 appropriate CV for the client within 3 days, this might vary depending on the type of candidate needed.  Should we not be able to find the right candidate we will communicate and negotiate these reasons to our client for e.g. sample package not industry related, AA or EE candidate availability problems etc. 

Once suitable CV's are sourced, a telephonic interview will take place.  Short listed candidates will be interviewed face to face CV's are submitted and shortlisted further by client.  We will set up interviews with clients and candidates
In-depth reference checks and other as necessary by client e.g. Criminal record, Qualification verification etc.
Should the candidate be successful ensure the candidate receives and signs offer letter.  Ensure candidate starts.
Follow up with client to see how candidate is performing.

Staff Turnover

If you have a closer look at today's work force, staff turnover is getting out of hand, causing a drop in productivity and an increase in recruitment costs. Even worse, a lot of this turnover happens in the first three months.

How do we assist in resolving this issue?

Understanding the companies' culture and matching it with the correct candidate.  Weekly to monthly follow ups with companies' and candidates.  Will advise clients on retention methods based on company specific information.