Scope of Work


CAP Assumes Responsibility for 

*All legal requirements as per South African law
*Payment of not less than the minimum wage and benefits as prescribed by legislation in the applicable Bargaining Council Agreements or the Basic Conditions of Employment Act which would include:
• Annual Leave Pay
• Leave Bonus where applicable
• Paid Public Holidays
• Pension Provident Fund
• Family Responsibility Leave,
• Maternity/Paternity Leave,
• Compassionate Leave
• Unemployment Insurance
• Fund contributions
• Overtime pay

Other Responsibilities covered by CAP

*Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases
*Skills Development levies
*Personal protective equipment
*Bargaining Council levies
*Optional facilities : Medical Aid and Death and Disability cover

Shut-downs and planned maintenance

For shut-downs, planned maintenance and construction sites a package rate, which includes the majority of the above benefits in the hourly pay rate, would be negotiated with the relevant Bargaining Councils/Unions.

Temporary & Labour Outsourcing Solutions

CAP offers temporary/labour outsourcing solutions which are tailored to suit the specific requirements of the client.

Permanent placements

CAP will provide candidates that meet and surpass the criteria provided in the specification. Fees and guarantees are as per the Association of Personnel Service Organisations of S.A.

Payroll Management

CAP uses the VIP Payroll system and can administer the client's salaries and wages, this includes statutory and non-statutory deductions, all relevant payments and all related administrative functions.

Candidate Selection

When it comes to recruitment and selecting of candidates, our team will gladly assist in the screening of potential employees.  When and if needed we will manage disciplinary action and HR policies when required by our client. 
Our assistance continues when our candidates require accommodation or transport. Project management can be added to the list of our assistance we offer our clients.